My shop has to be portable for a number of reasons.
  1. My wife will only park her car outside if I am in the middle of a project for her.
  2. In the winter, I am not parking my truck outside. I canít reach the windshield to scrape the frost off.
  3. All of my relatives want me to work on there houses. Some things are just easier with a table saw or a power miter box.
Since my tools have to be portable they all have wheels. I normally store my tools along the backside of the garage and pull them out as needed. If I need to take them on the road I have a 6íx12  V Nose enclosed trailer.

I use lots of smaller toolboxes and toolbags for my smaller tools. Each power tool has itís own case. If it did not come with one I find one that it fits in and buy it.
Tools I Have

Table Saw        Miter Saw        Sanders        Plate Joiner

18Volt Cordless Combo Kit        Air Tools
Tools I Want