House Exterior Redo

(Summer 2007)

House Before

The house as I bought it. See where the shutters used to be.

Look closely at the sofits. I realy like the pulled down ones on the left. The rusted lights are nice too.

This is the worst post. They where 1 by over a 4x4. On this one the 4x4 was rotted up about 6 inches.

Notice where the screen porch was enclosed.

Nice foam glued on the bottom of the window.

Nice missing downspout

House During Construction

After removing the front soffit. I replaced the pillars with round fiberglass ones.

After removing the siding, we tyveked the whole house.

I had the soffits, facia and gitters replaced. They also wrapped the wood trim with aluminumn. This window looks ten time better. Then I had the roof replaced.

I painted the front door trim and replaced the lights. I still need to paint the door and the storm door.

Siding in progress

Finnished Product

I hade them put a downspout on both sides of the upper gutters. they also used the larger downspouts.

The shutters, front door and storm door was all painted hunter green.